Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Consensus Reacts - Vituperative, Vindictive and Vicious

The alamists have reacted quickly and violently to Viscount Monckton's essay in the APS letter.

In an extra-ordinary action someone/body has tried to place a disclaimer "...The Council of the American Physical Society disagrees with this article's conclusions..." on the website with Viscount Monckton's essay - stating, inter alia, it was not peer reviewed - problem is it was.

Monckton, keeping with the rigour of the scientific method has demanded his unnamed interlocutors show their authority to make the claims they do on behalf of the APS, given his essay was a response to the APS's invitation he submit such a paper. His letter is here and it is a model of courtesy, and excoriating in its questions:

Please either remove the offending red-flag text at once or let me have the name and qualifications of the member of the Council or advisor to it who considered my paper before the Council ordered the offending text to be posted above my paper; a copy of this rapporteur's findings and ratio decidendi; the date of the Council meeting at which the findings were presented; a copy of the minutes of the discussion; and a copy of the text of the Council's decision, together with the names of those present at the meeting. If the Council has not scientifically evaluated or formally considered my paper, may I ask with what credible scientific justification, and on whose authority, the offending text asserts primo, that the paper had not been scientifically reviewed when it had; secundo, that its conclusions disagree with what is said (on no evidence) to be the "overwhelming opinion of the world scientific community"; and, tertio, that "The Council of the American Physical Society disagrees with this article's conclusions"?

Which of my conclusions does the Council disagree with, and on what scientific grounds (if any)?

Having regard to the circumstances, surely the Council owes me an apology?

This precipitate anonymous action by warming alarmists is becoming boringly endemic. They cannot brook anyone having the temerity to have a view other than their own. Sadly for the anthropogenic warming community not day goes by without the evidence of AGW evaporating.

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